Residential Chain Link Fencing: Four Important Aspects You Need To Know

12 June 2017
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Chain link fencing is constructed of a strong woven steel wire. For residential applications, a chain link fence is primarily used in homes with children and pets, as well as for a barrier around swimming pools and hot tubs. Many people choose chain link fencing because it is a most affordable option that is durable and aesthetically appealing as well. Before you set out to install chain link fencing for your home's exterior, you should familiarize yourself with some of the important aspects of this design. Read More 

3 Tips For Selecting The Appropriate Wood Fence

25 April 2017
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When you are considering fencing material for your residence, you may find wood offers many benefits over metal or vinyl, such as better aesthetic appeal. Although the options can be overwhelming, there are several factors that can help you select the right wood fence from a place like F & W Fence Company, Inc. Weather Conditions You should consider the typical weather patterns for your area when choosing the specific type of wood. Read More