Should You Install Your Wood Fence On Your Own?

21 April 2023
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Have you decided to get a new wood fence for your home? Your next decision will be how you want to install the fence. You'll either want to have a professional handle it all for you or do the entire job on your own. Here are a few things to consider when making that decision. 

DIY Fence Installation

Many people decide to install their own wood fence because they will save money on the installation. However, installing a fence requires experience that you may not have, which can cause the job to not go smoothly. You'll save on labor costs, but it could cost you in the form of a fence that doesn't look that great. 

Many residential DIY wood fence installations are also possible because the homeowner purchases fencing that comes in sections. Each section is mounted to a post, which makes constructing the fence quite easy. However, you lose the flexibility that comes with making a custom fence that is to the exact shape of your yard. 

You may also not have all the tools on hand to get the job done on your own. This can lead to buying or renting certain tools that you wouldn't normally need. For example, you may not have much use for a post-digging tool once you are done building the fence.

Professional Fence Installation

Having a wood fence professionally installed will help ensure it is done right the first time. You are hiring them for their experience and expertise in the field, and as a result, will see a much faster installation time. It's common for fencing contractors to bring an entire team that works on the fence in sections so that it can be installed in a matter of hours rather than days. 

The skill of a fencing contractor means that they don't have to work with those panels of fencing material either. The support beams of the wood fence can all be installed to match the exact size of your yard, and the individual wood slats can be attached to it. It's a much more efficient way to work, and the contractor isn't moving around heavy panels of fencing material as a result.

A huge benefit of working with a contractor is that they often guarantee their labor. If something wrong is discovered after the contractors leave, and it was caused by their fault during the installation, they'll come back and fix it. 

Contact a local residential fence installation service to learn more.