White Is A Popular Option For Vinyl Fencing, But You Have More Options To Consider

14 September 2020
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Vinyl fencing is popular because vinyl is so durable, and the fence doesn't slowly decay like a wood fence does. Vinyl is also attractive, so the fence adds beauty to your property. You can buy a vinyl privacy or picket fence in different heights, so you have a lot of choices with vinyl. You can even choose the color and texture of the fence. Here are some options to consider.

White Vinyl Fencing For A Classic Look

White is a popular color for vinyl fencing, and a white fence can make your property look fresh and bright. White fences are classic, and when you choose vinyl, you won't have to worry about scraping paint and painting the fence every few years to keep it attractive. Vinyl is a good choice when you want a fence you can install and then not worry about fussing over to keep it in good shape for years.

Colored Vinyl Fencing To Hide Dirt

One drawback of white vinyl is that it might show dirt, grass stains, or even rust stains from sprinklers. If you run sprinklers from well water or have other circumstances that make you leery about having a white fence, then you can install a vinyl fence made of tan, gray, or brown panels.

Some manufacturers even make red and blue vinyl fences, so you don't have to choose white if you want something darker that won't show dirt. You could even combine colors, such as light tan and dark tan to create a unique look for your yard.

Wood Grain Vinyl That Resembles Real Wood

If you want your fence to resemble a wood fence, then you may want a fence with a wood grain color. The color of the fence matches a species of wood, so it's typically brown with color changes that look like real wood grain. You might like this look if you want something other than a solid brown fence as the color variations are attractive and mimic the appearance of wood.

Textured Vinyl Fencing That Feels Like Wood

Textured vinyl fencing also resembles a real wood fence, but rather than just relying on color variations, textured fencing actually has texture applied to the surface of the fence pickets. Instead of a smooth surface like most vinyl fencing, textured vinyl has a rough surface that feels more like real wood.

If you want the look of a wood fence, but you don't want all the maintenance that goes along with it, choose a textured vinyl fence. These come in brown, gray, and white so they look like weathered wood, painted wood, or natural wood.

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