Property Security And Protection With Commercial Fencing

10 December 2018
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One of the top priorities for every business owner is to ensure that their property is secured and safe. Depending on the type of property you own, you might be considering installing a fence to do this. You don't want to choose just any fence, though. Understanding what you need to consider as you select your fence can help ensure that you get precisely what you need. Here are a few things to consider as you start exploring your commercial fencing options.

You Need To Know The Property Lines

No matter what kind of fence you're planning to install, the first thing you need to do is establish your property lines. If you fail to do this, you risk installing the fence over the boundary line of the neighboring property. When the property owner determines that the fence is encroaching on their property, they can force you to relocate it, which will cost you even more than the initial installation. Once you've decided to invest in a fence, hire an assessor to map out and mark your property lines. Request above-ground markers. That way, the fence installation contractor will know where they need to place the fence.

You Should Consider Your Security Needs

Your property's fence should be the first line of defense to protect your business. That means understanding your company's security needs in order to choose the right type of fence. If you need extensive security, you'll want a fence that's crafted from a solid material. Wood panels are great, but they do have some structural vulnerabilities. Wood can easily be broken through. For strength and privacy, you should consider investing in commercial chain-link fencing with the addition of privacy panels. You can choose privacy panels from all sorts of different materials, so consider the durability and strength of each material as you make your choice.

You Need To Prioritize Traffic Flow And Access Needs

Installing a fence will limit how people can gain access to your property. The only areas that will be accessible will be the places where you install gates. When you choose your fence, you will also have to determine both how many gates you need and where they should be placed. Obviously, you will want to have a gate at your main entrance. That way, customers will have access to your parking area and main business entrance. However, you may also want to consider a larger gate at the back of the property for delivery trucks and maintenance staff.

In addition to the number and placement of your access gates, there is something else that you need to think about when it comes to those gates. Remember that any time you add gates to a fence installation, you create a security vulnerability. Talk with your fence installation contractor about how to install secure, durable gates that will keep people out when your business is closed or otherwise needs to be locked down.

You Must Be Prepared For The Maintenance Requirements

No matter what type of fence material you consider, it's going to come with some maintenance needs. If you choose a wooden fence, it will need to be cleaned, as well as painted or sealed on a regular basis. Vinyl will need to be cleaned and monitored for any cracks or other damage. Chain-link fences need to be either coated or painted to protect them from corrosion. Any type of metal fence, like chain-link, can be made from a variety of different metals, so make sure you know what kind of metal your fence is made from and what kind of maintenance that particular metal needs.