Give Your Home The Look Of A Custom Wood Fence With Modern Materials

19 May 2017
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New custom picket fences can be a great addition to any home, and they can be made with modern materials. Wood materials need a lot of maintenance, repairs, and eventually replacements. Modern materials like vinyl, composite lumber, and aluminum give you alternatives for a new picket fence. Here are some options to give your home the look of a wood fence with modern, durable materials:

1. Veneer Wall Panels to Create a Modern Fence Design 

Veneers are used to create the appearance of all sorts of exterior finishes, such as brick, stone, and modern smooth surfaces. These veneer systems are also a great choice to use as a fence design with a unique look. Most of these materials will require some type of structure to support them, which can be made with metal framing. If you choose the metal option, aluminum and galvanized steel materials will be resistant to corrosion from water getting into the fence structure.

2. Composite Lumber to Create an Exotic Look of Tropical Materials

If you want the look of wood, but do not want to use wood, composites are another option that you may want to consider for a custom fence. The good thing about using composite lumber materials for your fence is that they can be used to make any custom design that is made with real wood materials. The composite lumber also comes in different colors and textures, which give you the option of realistic-looking wood materials instead of the conventional gray tones that were once common.

3. Something Modern and Durable with Fiber Cement Materials

Another option you may want to consider for a modern fence is fiber cement materials. The fiber cement materials are available in siding and panels. If you want to have a solid fence design, then panels can be used to make each section of fence. You can also add batten or lattice over the panels to create different custom designs for your fence. With fiber cement panels, you will be limited to the span of each section of fence, and this will require more posts to build the fence.

These are some modern materials that can be used to great a new fence with a wood picket appearance, but without the maintenance and repairs of real wood. Contact a fencing company online, such as,  and talk with them about some of these options for the look of wood without the headaches.