Fence Installation: 3 Common Installation Blunders A Fence Contractor Will Help You Avoid

9 May 2022
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Fences can be used for various purposes, including containing pets, decorating landscapes, or keeping swimming pools private from intruders. Because installing a fence requires a lot of money, you should avoid some blunders that could cost you in the long run. Fortunately, fence contractors are trained to install these accessories. This article discusses three mistakes they'll help you avoid. 

Poor Planning

If you don't want to have problems in the future, you should have a detailed blueprint for your project. Unfortunately, this can be difficult if you don't have enough experience. Fencing contractors can help you craft a plan that considers all your needs. They'll review your property to know the amount, strength, and quality of materials you need to save you from incurring replacement costs early. The type of fence you select will also influence the tools used, and these will also be factored into the plan for proper organization. 

Using Wrong Measurements

Fences require accurate measurements to be installed correctly. While measuring your landscape may seem easy, you may encroach on other people's property or make the wrong measurements if you're not careful. Fence contractors know how to do measurements. Before starting the project, they'll examine the boundaries and confirm if underground pipes or wires surround the areas they're supposed to dig holes in. This will ensure that they don't interfere with the neighbors' wiring or piping systems. The measurements they take will also accommodate the materials you have purchased, saving you from underutilizing or overusing them and enabling you to modify some areas to fix the posts accurately. 

Ignoring Legal Restrictions

Most states and towns have requirements for fencing projects. These regulations outline property lines, how high your fence should go, the zoning rules in your area, and property boundaries. If you don't pay attention to these legal factors, you could have several lawsuits on your hand to deal with. Fence contractors are updated on the current regulations and will advise on the best thing to do during installation. They'll invite a surveyor to mark the property lines and determine the height restrictions within your area before they start the installation. 

If you have a fencing project, it's essential to work with a contractor to avoid mistakes that may cost you later on. These professionals handle fencing projects daily and know what to do to avoid legal battles and correctly install a fence.

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