How Do You Know If Your Vinyl Fence Material Is High Quality?

6 April 2021
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Have you been wanting to get a vinyl fence for your yard because you heard that the material is high quality, but you're not sure why? Here are some things to look for with your vinyl fence to know if what you're buying is going to be worth it.

The Warranty

It is always a good idea to buy a product that the manufacturer is going to stand behind. This is often the case with vinyl fencing. It is not uncommon to see manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty of the product, which will cover manufacturers' defects and other issues that would be out of your control. 

However, make sure you understand what it actually means to get a lifetime warranty. Is it for the lifetime of the owner or the lifetime of the products? If it is the lifetime of the owner, see if the warranty will transfer to a second owner when you go to sell your home. This can be a nice unexpected perk of the warranty and make it more appealing to a home buyer. 

The Color

Another thing to look out for is the color of the fence and how it is manufactured. When you look at fence colors, always ask if the material is painted that color or if the pigment goes all the way through the material due to the manufacturing process. The latter is what you are going to want since it will help improve the fence's looks over the years. 

For example, if the fence were to get scratched at some point, a fence with color pigment through the material will still look good because a similar color will be underneath the scratch. If the fence was simply painted, then a different color will be revealed and make the scratch very unappealing.

The Construction

Pay attention to how the fence pieces come together. What you want to look for is tongue and groove constructions so that pieces of vinyl have a secure fit. Not only should the individual slats lock into each other with a tongue and groove system, but the top rail rails should connect in a similar way. This is necessary because the vinyl slats are not screwed together, and it needs that extra strength to make the fence sturdy over the years.

Reach out to a fence contractor in your area for more information about fencing materials such as vinyl.