Time For A New Sprinkler System? 3 Steps To Make The Project Go Smoother

28 December 2017
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If you're tired of watering your lawn by hand, it's time to have an automatic sprinkler system installed in your yard. Not only will an automatic sprinkler system save you time, it will also save you water and keep your lawn healthier. That's because an automatic sprinkler system reduces over-watering and ensures even coverage over your entire lawn. If you're going to have a professional install the system for you, they'll do all the hard work, including the sprinkler trenching and placement. However, there are still some steps you'll need to take to get prepared.

Have Your Underground Utilities Marked

It might not look it, but there are quite a few things hiding under your lawn. Some of those things include water pipes and utility lines. Before the crew comes out to trench the lines for your new sprinkler system, you'll need to have the underground utilities marked. The last thing you want is to have a trencher cut through your gas, electric, or water lines. If you don't have them marked before installation begins, you may be responsible for any damage caused to those utilities. Not to mention the inconvenience you'll be left with when power is cut off to your home for a while. Prevent problems by having the underground utilities marked before trenching begins.

Secure Your Dogs in a Safe Place

If you have dogs, they're going to be curious about what's going on in the yard. To prevent accidents and injuries, you should secure your dogs in a safe place while the crew is working in your yard. First, you don't want your dogs to be injured by the equipment that is being used. Second, you don't want your dogs escaping through the open gates. Finally, you don't want your dogs to get stressed out and accidentally bite one of the crew. That last one could leave you liable for the injuries your dogs cause. Prevent accidents and injuries by keeping your dogs in a safe place during the installation of your sprinkler system.

Rearrange Your Gardens

If you have gardens where your new sprinkler system will be installed, the best thing you can do is clear a path. Transplanting your gardens while the sprinkler system is being installed will give the crew sufficient room to work, and will help keep your plants healthy. Once the sprinklers are installed, you can redo your garden, and return your plants to their rightful spots. It's also a good idea to move things like garden and lawn furniture. That way the crew has a clear path to work with.