How Do You Keep People Off Of Your Business Property After Hours?

29 November 2017
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It's natural for you to worry about what's going on at your business after hours. Is anyone lingering around your property, possibly getting the idea that they should break in and steal valuable business equipment or information? That's enough to keep any business owner up at night. There are a few ways to make your property much safer, giving you better peace of mind, such as:

Commercial Chain Link Fences

One of the most literal ways to keep people off of the property is to make it impossible for them to get on in the first place. Commercial chain link fences are tall fences designed to prevent access to the property. They may contain barbed wire at the top to discourage people from coming over the edge of the fence. If you have a parking lot on your perimeter, you're free to build in a gate that can be accessed with a pin code. Other than that, shut up your commercial chain link fence after hours, and you'll almost guarantee that do-gooders won't be discovered hanging out on the property. 

Get Good Perimeter Security

Aside from this, you want to have good perimeter security. With this, you will know when someone breaches the perimeter of the property. With other methods of security, you might not know about an intrusion until the person is actually on the property. This takes a little bit more management time, as there might be some false alarms if you don't have a fence. But you will know about all of the comings and goings on your land. This isn't to discourage you from getting door and window alarms if this is what you can afford or what you prefer. 

Make the Building Less Attractive to Intruders

You can also keep people away by making the property look less rewarding or more difficult to burglarize. To make the property less appealing, you may want to tint the windows and keep valuable equipment out of display. To make the property look more difficult to rob, you could have a night guard while you're away, or use motion sensor lights, or have your alarm system be very visible (but inaccessible) to potential intruders. 

Any of these steps can help you improve your building's security. They are a worthwhile use of your money, not only for the peace of mind but for the reduced potential of business losses that comes with great security.