All About Chain Link Fencing

29 August 2017
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Chain link fencing is one of the most popular styles for both residential and commercial properties, partially because its very budget-friendly. However, you may not realize how many options there are in such fencing. Gone are the days of the only option being simple galvanized steel.

Parts of a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing consists of three main parts — the chain link mesh, top and bottom rails, and posts. The chain link is actually a woven metal fabric, coming out in big rolls that contractors unfurl between the posts. They affix the fabric to the posts with fence ties. According to, gauges in chain link range from six to 13, with lower numbers being made of more steel and stronger wire. The site recommends residential fences using between nine to 11.5 gauging.

Chain Link Colors

Original chain link weaving used metal wire which was galvanized to reduce corrosion. The woven metal produces a durable fabric with a slight sheen and a very industrial profile. Later processes introduced vinyl coating to the wires. This further reduces the risk of rust and corrosion. However, the fabric only comes in black, white, green, and brown. Now, new technology lets manufacturers powder coat the wire. Powder coating can come in numerous prefabricated color options, and you can even choose custom applications for an almost unlimited palette.

Privacy Slats

Chain link fencing is excellent for enclosing yards, thus keeping pets and children in. The woven wires also allow the sun to flow through, which is great for landscaping but not so great for privacy. Therefore, many homeowners choose to customize their chain link fences with privacy slats. Made of vinyl, these slats can be woven into the chain link to create a solid field or a pattern. It's also possible to choose hedge slats, which are privacy slats with green "needles" that transform the fence into a hedge.


Privacy slats not only block views, but they can also cut down on wind and light. Another option for this task is hanging weatherproof mesh over the fencing. This is more common around commercial properties, such as tennis courts. However, some newer fabrics have been manufactured that resemble foliage or masonry, which is more popular for residential properties.

Posts and Rails

The traditional style of chain link fencing uses metal posts and rails. Instead, however, you could choose wood or vinyl. This creates more of a stylish profile. You could even have cross rails installed across the chain link panels, which gives the fence a rustic appearance.

Choose a style of chain link fencing that best complements your home while still giving you the security you want. Then contact a fencing company like Rainier Fencing & Decking to make your vision a reality.