Maximize Backyard Privacy With By Building A Fence And Getting Creative

19 June 2017
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Owning a home and having a backyard that you can shape into what you want it to be is an excellent opportunity to transform it into a place where your family and friends want to spend time. But, something that may be preventing this from happening is the lack of privacy in your backyard. An ideal solution is to hire a fencing contractor to look at your home to see what kind of options you have. The addition of a fence will make a huge difference, but it may be necessary to seek out the most private options.

Find Out the Legal Height Restrictions

Each residential district will have its own legal rules regarding fence height in neighborhoods. Breaking this law could lead to having to adjust the fence's height or take it all down and start over. Since each fencing contractor will work in certain areas, they should know what your limitations are. For instance, in Minneapolis, you can get a fence of 7-feet or less without a permit, but anything over that needs one. It is possible to request a permit and be denied, so you need to take this into consideration as well.

Pick from Solid Fence Options

To maximize privacy from the fence that you have built, you will want to choose from solid options. Vinyl and wood are great choices because they can easily be built in a way that is solid throughout. This will keep people from seeing through into your backyard as long as they are not looking over the fence. On its own, it should provide family and friends with peace of mind that they are in full privacy for the most part. If there are multi-story houses nearby, you will need to go a bit further with adding privacy measures. One option is to grow privacy hedges in the line of sight of second-story windows to block the view.

Build on Elevated Land

An excellent way to comply with legal restrictions is to build on elevated land. Instead of changing the landscape so that it is more level, you can adjust it so the fencing area is slightly elevated. You may want to get help from landscaping professionals to ensure that the elevated part is not at risk of subsiding. This will result in an extra few inches of privacy that can make a huge difference on your property.

Building a fence by following these steps will make your backyard a private place to spend time.

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