Are Dogs Causing Problems In Your Front Yard? Hire A Fencing Contractor To Build A Picket Fence

27 April 2017
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Maintaining your landscape over the course of several months will provide you with valuable information such as what plants thrive in the area as well as what areas are having difficulty. If you notice that the front yard landscape is constantly having problems staying healthy, especially close to the sidewalk area, you may realize that it is dogs roaming onto your yard and causing damage in numerous ways. It is worth it to hire a fencing contractor to build a picket fence around your front yard to stop this problem.

Prevent Dogs from Getting onto the Yard

The goal of the project is to stop allowing dogs into your yard. It is hard for a dog owner to make sure their dog only stays on the sidewalk, especially if they have a large, curious, and strong dog. Some dog owners may also not pay much attention to what is going on because of other distractions. So, instead of trying to put up signs for people to watch their dog, a fence is going to provide the most reliable solution. It is important for it to cover the entire area where the sidewalk is located, but you should not hesitate to extend it to the sides of the front yard to gain maximum protection against dogs and other critters.

Give Your Dog a Place to Relax

If you have a dog that you normally let out in the backyard on occasion, you can gain an entirely new space to let them hang out when you build a picket fence out front. The only thing you need to do is make sure the fence surrounds the yard in its entirety to prevent your dog from being able to escape. It is helpful to know that some dogs may be attracted to your dog and make more of an effort to get in the yard. Having a well-built fence in this situation will keep even a jumping dog from being able to get through.

Protect Your Landscaping

When you make a barrier between the sidewalk and your yard, you will naturally protect your landscape. Dog urine can quickly cause yellowing to grass, so it will be incredible to resolve this problem. Dogs may also nibble on your flowers or trample the small plants, so you can avoid these complications as well.

Adding a picket fence to the front yard has a huge benefit in protecting your property against dogs, but there are a number of other things that you gain by making this project a reality. For more information, contact companies like Clendaniel Fence Co.