Vinyl Is Perfect For Construction Fencing

4 April 2016
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Construction fencing needs to be lightweight and movable. Since it is temporary, contractors prefer fences that don't require the pouring of concrete footings. However, many project managers may prefer a fence that looks nicer than a normal chain link fence. A solid vinyl fence looks much classier and can make your construction site more secure at the same time. You can talk with a professional, like Crispline Fence Systems fences, for more information about setting up a fence for your next project. This article explains a few of the characteristics that make vinyl fences perfect for temporary construction sites.

Vinyl Posts Can be Installed Directly into the Soil

A vinyl post can be set directly into soil without using a concrete footing. The post can be driven into the soil quite easily and removed when the fence needs to be moved. If parts or all of your fence are not being installed on soil, you can set them on metal stands. The posts are hollow inside, so they rest easily and securely on the stand. Vinyl is lightweight yet strong because of the hollow design. .

Vinyl Fences are Modular and Easy to Set Up

The most important feature of vinyl fences, if you want something that is movable, is the fact that the slats are modular. They attach to the post with hardly any tools. The ends of the horizontal slats fit into precut slots in the vertical posts. The interlocking design means that they don't need to be secured with screws either. This allows you to quickly assemble them as soon as the posts are installed. They can be just as quickly disassembled when it comes time to move or take down the fence.

Vinyl Adds Style and Security

Many project managers are attracted to vinyl fences because they aren't see-through like chain link fencing. This gives a little more privacy on the jobsite. It also allows banners and advertisements for your company to be nicely hung from the fence. Vinyl fences are commonly white, but there a many colors to choose from. If you choose a color that coordinates with the colors of your jobsite, you can add some cohesion to your construction site. Every construction site serves as a live portfolio for potential clients and investors. By styling up your jobsite with vinyl fences, you can shed a more positive light on your construction brand.

It is easy to understand why smart project managers and contractors choose vinyl for their construction fencing.