The Three Main Types Of Electric Fences

6 March 2015
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Electric fences can be used for a variety of purposes, either to prevent animals from entering your garden or as a security measure to keep out unwelcome intruders. Whatever the purpose, you will have to choose between the three main types of electric fences, all of which conduct electricity through a different medium. Understanding the difference between the various types of electric fences can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Electric Tape Fencing

Made out of plastic tape that has steel woven through it, electric tape fences offer a highly visible fencing solution that is best used as a warning to humans and as a deterrent to animals. The tape itself comes in different widths, with wider tape being well suited for a perimeter fence due to its higher visibility, and thinner tape better suited to a windy climate, as the wind can pick up and damage the tape. Electric tape fencing tends to be the most affordable electric fencing option available, with wider thicknesses of tape costing more than thinner ones. It should be noted, however, that tape fences are also the least structurally sound, and may become damaged or even broken if exposed to rough conditions for too long.

Electric Wire Fencing

Made out of solid wiring, electric wire fences are ideal because of their superior structural stability. They are basically normal metal fences that are also electrified, providing you the benefit of a very visible, very strong fence that is extremely durable. Most electric wire fences will last upwards of ten years with proper maintenance, making them a good fit for those searching for a long term electric fencing solution. However, electric wire fencing is susceptible to rust over time due to weather exposure. Electric wire fencing tends to be the most expensive electric fencing option available.

Electric Rope Fencing

Similar to electric tape fencing, electric rope fences have metal wires woven into the rope itself, providing the fence with electricity. The rope itself is highly visible and heavier than tape, making it better suited for dealing with heavy winds. Rope fences are much more durable than tape fences, and as such are ideal for dealing with either containing animals or keeping animals out. Electric rope fences can be expected to last several years, even with exposure to harsh weather conditions. It should be noted that electric rope fences represent a middling price point, falling squarely between wire and tape fences.

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